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Default Anyone a member of a YMCA?

"Dave King" wrote in message
I'm in Texas and was wondering what membership
fees to a YMCA are? Even a ballpark figure would
help give me an idea of what to expect...thanks.


Before I decided upon 24 Hour Fitness Center, I almost joined the YMCA. The
fees were the same, plus the YMCA offers free initiation fees every so
often. The only difference I saw was that the 24 Hour Fitness pool uses
Bromine and the YMCA uses chlorine. No, that wasn't the only difference--the
local high school swim team uses the YMCA pool since the vast majority of
high schools here do not have their own pools on site. I am extremely
satisfied with the Bromine pool. As to fees, I think for one adult it was
about $40 a month. You just have to finesse the joining fee and that's not
too difficult.

Pat in North TX