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So my question is, what gives? Why can I run on the treadmill pain free
and not on the road? Is this an indication that I need new shoes (I
shouldn't, number of miles on them is low and I've been running in same
model for over 3 years)? Does it mean I need orthotics? Or does it just
mean I need to strengthen my ankle more by gradually working road work
into my recovery/training?

I'm thinking I almost need two running plans/strategies. The first is my
general 10% increases on the treadmill to get my base going and keep
building with lower impact. The other will be to intersperse road running
into the schedule to help rebuild the ankle tendons, bones, whatever.

Anyone have thoughts or similar experiencecs when coming back from an

I wasn't coming back from an injury, but I spent all of last winter on a
treadmill and then did a 5 mile road race the first weekend in March and
there was definitely a significant difference. I did a few outdoor runs in
the two weeks leading up to the race mostly to condition my lungs for the
cold air, but those were on snow covered lakes since the roads were too

I attributed the differences to the normal tradmill vs. road stuff - even
with an incline on the treadmill it's still a smooth and consistent surface.
The treadmill is cushioned. I also wear different shoes on a treadmill
(cushioned trainers) than on the road (stability/motion control).

Switching back to the road wasn't painful, just difficult. I hope you
figure out what's going on.