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Marcus Holmes wrote:

Some of you will remember my saga. I am slowly recovering from an ankle
injury last May. Took 5 months off, and just recently started ramping up.

So here's the story. I got to the point where I could run 5 miles on the
treadmill with no pain (semi-conservative ramp-up, about 10% a week -
sometimes I didn't follow but most of the time I did). This past
Thanksgiving I decided what the hell and I ran in our local 5 miler.
Literally from the first couple of steps my ankle began to hurt.

I haven't run since then and today decided to run on the treadmill until
my ankle started to hurt or I hit 5 miles, whatever came first. I ran 5
miles with no (or maybe just a bit of tingling) pain.

Roads are harder and more uneven than treadmills. You may need to adjust
to the hardness of a road.

The other will be to intersperse road running
into the schedule to help rebuild the ankle tendons, bones, whatever.

Sounds like a plan. Running trails may also help, although beware of
lots of twisting if you're only used to tm running. You can strengthen
ankles / feet, if needed.


The goal is training and adaptation, not destruction and injury.
- John Hardy