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Dave Mclaughlin
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Dave Mclaughlin wrote:

Peewiglet wrote:

I've been poring over the map of Scotland, but no sooner to I begin to
develop an idea of where I might like to walk than I forget where it
was, because I can't begin to pronounce about 95% of the place names.

Is it all a malignant plot to keep nesh Southerners out?
How on earth does anyone ever tell anyone else where they've been? Or
do those in the know just make a few gutteral grunting noises and make
it up as they go along?

Enquiring minds want to know...

(And can anyone please tell me how to pronounce Lairig Ghru??)

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Someone posted a web page here a while back. It had a list of Scottish
mountains and .wav files so you could hear the correct pronunciation.
I'll see if I can dig it out.....

Spongebob beat me to it - by about 30 seconds!!

Dave McLaughlin

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