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Tony Buckley
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Michael Farthing wrote

And quite right too. Just to recap then Michael, you pronounce Liathach


Good, that's how it was meant!

Llee ach
[ie. It follows Farthing Para 1: "if in doubt, miss it out" - but only
_generally_ ].

I guessed that it would be that way. I'm all for making an effort with
Scottish Hill names, but that one seems to bamboozle the majority - and god
knows, I'm no expert! I settled on that pronunciation as (a) I've heard
some people who should know how to pronounce it say it that way, and (b)
it's easy to say. A defensible law of least resistance. I have heard
Leo-goch and Lee-attack defended as the One True Way as well, though I've
never had the knowledge, energy or all-round arsedness to argue - or to
change my pronunciation.

My own view is that it is more sensible to climb it than to pronounce

Strangely I haven't yet, but at least I'm prepared for when someone asks
'what did you do today?'. One for the (hopefully near) future.