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Default Very lightweight but comfortable folding chair?

On Tue, 30 May 2006 22:55:47 +0100, Fran

Can anyone suggest a *very lightweight* but comfortable folding chair?
I'm looking for something that weights only 2kg at most. 1 kg would be
better. The chair needs to be reasonably comfortable. Seat needs to be
off the ground. Must have a backrest. I need it for backpacking

The Thermarest chair has already been mentioned in response to this in

That is certainly the lightest option of all. Unfortunely, I don't use
self-inflating mats; I use a lilo-type infalatable bed which packs
down very much smaller and mitigates lumps in the ground better than
thermarests IMO. I'm really looking for a chair, complete. The
lightest I have so far found is 2kg, but am hoping to find something
about half that weight. I don't think that's a design impossibility,
yet am having no luck so far, from UK suppliers at least.

I should mention that seat can be a low to the ground. However it
needs to be off the ground to some extent. Arms are not essential. A
backrest is, though.


Al D