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Default Treadmill advice needed

On 2008-07-08, Steve Freides wrote:

You miss the point entirely. No one says kettlebells are better or
worse. Read my reply again -

Your "reply" was a non-sequiter that completely ignored the OP's question
which was about buying treadmills and instead consisted of unsolicited advice
about training methods.

This is a consistent pattern in your posts. You are not responsive to
questions posed. At best this reflects an egocentric world view, and as such
it is seen as heavy handed or even a bit rude.

it begins with the words "my choice would

What your "choice would be" is neither responsive nor relevant to the OP's

and I assume the original poster doesn't need your help to figure
out that he/she may have a different opinion. I shared mine

Which was not responsive to OP's question.

The OP was not asking for a critique of his/her approach to training, or
soliciting novel training methods.

and I'm not
bashful about doing that. That you seem to feel my opinion carries the
weight of some religious dictum is your problem, I'm afraid.

The fact that you "respond" to the OP's question with a request or at the very
least, an invitation to abandon their approach and instead come around to your
way of thinking creates the impression that you are here to proselytize rather
than to help.