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Default Treadmill advice needed

On 2008-07-09, Steve Freides wrote:

Often 3/4 of the battle is asking the right question, and I don't
consider it proselytizing to suggest that the wrong question may have
been asked.

OK, but this means that your position is to respond to almost any question
with "wrong question. Here is my answer to the right question!"

As I wrote previously, this at best demonstrates an egocentric world view. [1]

Sorry if you think otherwise. In my opinion, anyone in the
OP's position - wanting to exercise and lose weight - ought to be aware
of the entire continuum of exercise possibilities, from pure

That's *YOUR* opinion. It may not be OP's opinion (which doesn't seem to
matter, see (1)).

If OP wants to "be aware" of this, they will ask a question about it.

Unless the OP's question is obviously based on false premises, it seems
rather presumptuous to "correct" their question for the purpose of

My main purpose in responding to this question is to "proselytize" my
belief that one ought to investigate _all_ options, and then to
specifically mention those options I believe the OP hasn't considered
and with which I am familiar enough to be able to assist. If the OP

I believe you pretty much went straight to your favourite options. I didn't
see much attempt to open a dialog about other options. it was more of an
attempt to shoe-horn the discussion into your agenda. Again, see (1).

Having done that several messages ago, I will refrain from further
responses on this thread, leaving you and Droll Troll to continue to
police the otherwise free conversations here.

My criticism of your approach *IS* part of the "free conversation" here.