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Default Another fear-mongering article on supplementation....

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What a load of horse****....

True, water has an LD-50.... so does O2....

It is true that STUPID supplementation is of course dangerous.
There are pillmakers who sell 250 mg tablets of B6, which is positively
5-hour energy contains 40 mg of B6, which is also ultra un-smart (assuming
my astigmatic eyes read the label right).
Hmmm.... lemme check.... Yup.... along with 833 mcg of B-12, which is

Hard to know where to even begin on this kind of "research", reporting. I
think the Enquirer and Star Mag have better fact-checking/peer-review than
these jerkoff journal articles.

The one thing that DOES make sense is the iron connection, which is
clinically/histologically well-observed.
More and more multi's are offering the option of zero iron, such as
Costco's Mature Multi, not a bad formula. Their Performance Multi has 9
mg of iron, a bit less than most others.
Iron is thought by many to be MUCH more the culprit in CAD than effing

It is virtually impossible to get "optimal nutrition" from a """""sensible

Magnesium correlated with effing mortality???? Are you effing kidding
Magnesium is as close to a miracle nutrient as you can get, and it is
unlikely that anyone short of herbivores are getting even the RDA (about
400 mg), which is proly already woefully low -- proly 800 mg is a better

Magnesium will stop kidney stones, arrest acute asthma attacks, lower
blood pressure, make yer dick grow longer..... well, at least I think it
did.... LOL

Magnesium (or lack thereof) also seems to be increasingly implicated in
the osteoporotic process.

Oh, yeah, runners (marathon) proly need more nutrients per lb bw than any
other athlete, which is sort of confirmed by my previous post on
osteoporosis and cycling (steady :LARGE loss of calcium through sweat), as
well as studies on protein. Runners require more protein per lb bw than
virtually any other athalete, as well.

So runners who DON'T supplement are proly operating at a handicap from the

Low magneiusm, btw, also directly affects energy stores, as it stabilizes
ATP stores, because of its 2+ charge.