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Default Another fear-mongering article on supplementation....

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What a load of horse****....

True, water has an LD-50.... so does O2....

It is true that STUPID supplementation is of course dangerous.
There are pillmakers who sell 250 mg tablets of B6, which is positively
5-hour energy contains 40 mg of B6, which is also ultra un-smart
my astigmatic eyes read the label right).
Hmmm.... lemme check.... Yup.... along with 833 mcg of B-12, which

Hard to know where to even begin on this kind of "research", reporting.
think the Enquirer and Star Mag have better fact-checking/peer-review
these jerkoff journal articles.

The one thing that DOES make sense is the iron connection, which is
clinically/histologically well-observed.
More and more multi's are offering the option of zero iron, such as
Costco's Mature Multi, not a bad formula. Their Performance Multi has 9
mg of iron, a bit less than most others.
Iron is thought by many to be MUCH more the culprit in CAD than effing

It is virtually impossible to get "optimal nutrition" from a

Magnesium correlated with effing mortality???? Are you effing kidding
Magnesium is as close to a miracle nutrient as you can get, and it is
unlikely that anyone short of herbivores are getting even the RDA (about
400 mg), which is proly already woefully low -- proly 800 mg is a better

Magnesium will stop kidney stones, arrest acute asthma attacks, lower
blood pressure, make yer dick grow longer..... well, at least I think
did.... LOL

Magnesium (or lack thereof) also seems to be increasingly implicated in
the osteoporotic process.

Oh, yeah, runners (marathon) proly need more nutrients per lb bw than any
other athlete, which is sort of confirmed by my previous post on
osteoporosis and cycling (steady :LARGE loss of calcium through sweat),
well as studies on protein. Runners require more protein per lb bw than
virtually any other athalete, as well.

So runners who DON'T supplement are proly operating at a handicap from

I'll just say I'm leery of the large studies be it the Iowa female or the
Bedsty nympho. There is so much stuff going on in those studies that to
determine if Massingill Rose hips or vinegar flavor makes things smell
better is mathematically bizarre much less believable. Roll stuff across
some thousands of people and drawing some conclusion about a single change
or two, well, the check is in the mail. There are too few controls.

Well, I myself AM impressed by large studies.... IF they are conducted
responsibly, analyzed legitimately.

But when a result comes out that is (apparently) PATENTLY absurd, two things
are possible.
1. The study IS in fact patently absurd.
2. Heh, they really DISCOVERED sumpn sumpn.....

The problem with so many of these ""studies"" is that they are like magic
acts, where the spectator has no clue as to what is really going on, and
gullibly chooses to believe his eyes.
Gee, Blaine really DID make dat Sherman Tank disappear!!
Well, of course he didn't, he just mind****ed you. Where did it go?????
Well, there are two answers: It was either never there, or it didn't go
anywhere at all.

Similarly, these studies that just lay some improbable result on us with
ZERO conceptual foundation or explanation, with the gullible reader going,
GEEE, WOW, Holy ****!!!! When in reality, most of this **** is just Cold
Fusion, all over again -- Prematurely Press Released ""studies"".

Are there dangers to supplementation? Of course. Are there surprises, even
Yes indeedy, with zinc, iron, and Vit D being among them:

Zinc, iron seem to have a much narrower "window of toxicity" than previously
believed, and Vit D, also previously believed to have a narrow window of
toxicity, now turns out to have such a woefully underestimated RDA (and I DO
mean underESTIMATED, cuz the NIH didn't do dey homework), that you can proly
safely *qunituple* the current RDA. So much for narrow window of toxicity,

Peer Review means nothing, when all the peers are diddling each other under
the table.

FWIW I do use some daily supplements because I don't always eat properly
or balanced and I run 5 days a week. I won't itemize my vitamins but to
say I have the blessing of my vet. That said, I do get ****ed at such
products like Hammer that packs their exercise stuff with more **** then
a septic tank. They think if you add more stuff with letters like b and
c etc. and doing one an hour for 20 hours is wonderful. It's too much

Which is actually not a bad idea! Mebbe not practical, but keep in mind
"divided doses" is THE preferred way to take vites. If you read that
cycling/osteoporosis ditty, the, uh, study g cited the continuous drinking
of calcium water as part of a prophylactic regimen for osteo.
This applies moreso to calcium than to most other nutrients, but the
principle is still valid for all nutrients.

The Q is, do-ability, practicality.

Oh, btw, my stalker is still stalking me, and altho you quoted my legit
posts correctly, you actually posted/replied to his silliness. No biggie,
just realize this is what happens when someone is breastfed into their late