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Default Another fear-mongering article on supplementation....

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:48:16 -0400, Existential Angst wrote:

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On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 06:44:55 -0400, Doug Freese wrote:

I'll just say I'm leery of the large studies be it the Iowa female or
Bedsty nympho. There is so much stuff going on in those studies that to
determine if Massingill Rose hips or vinegar flavor makes things smell
better is mathematically bizarre much less believable. Roll stuff across
some thousands of people and drawing some conclusion about a single
or two, well, the check is in the mail. There are too few controls.

And no one on these newsgroups who have one iota of qualification to
assess them.

Well, actually, dats not quite true.I'm a qualerfied pedo-file so up
yours Moo