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Default Underwater Kettlebell Drills

"ATP" wrote in message

Kettlebell Drills for Kiteboarding and other exercises:

Interesting channel with some nice backdrops for the drills.

Do you think dumbbells would work underwater??

Mebbe Stevie should do, like, a study or sumpn....
I hope he doesn't demonstrate bias....

Mebbe itsa safety issue: kb's are stable in water, db's will explode?
Holy ****, this may be much more involved than I thought!

Ergo: DO NOT try any underwater **** with db's, until you are ABSOLUTELY
SURE it is safe!!!

Hmmm..... ahm thinkin.... since kb's are obviously so much more effective
than db's, mebbe db's FLOAT in water, rendering them useless?

Oh, oh, I think I got it, I got it!!

Normally, db's will in fact sink in water -- density'n'****....
BUT, when you try and use db's as kb's in water, THEN they float!!
This is due, I think, to a powerful omnipresent force, from the omniscient
Pavel, called the Pavel Effect.

Basically, Pavel placed a curse on all fitness-related iron NOT in the shape
of a kettlebell -- and slightly less of a curse on all kb's NOT sold through

Wow, itsa dangerous world out there.... use db's at yer own risk.....