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Default Underwater Kettlebell Drills

ATP wrote:
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ATP wrote:

We still use treading water while holding a 10 lb. rubber-covered
brick as part of lifeguard training.

The rest of those are, I guess, good for getting over your fear of
being underwater. I'm sure doing the lifts underwater is different
but I'm not sure it's particularly more or less productive - if
anyone has any insights on that I'd love to hear them.

I think that's the idea, and to get someone used to doing something
underwater in case they got pulled under water and trapped by their

In the lifeguard class, we'd practice having the victim grab the
lifeguard trying to rescue them and not let go. The solution was for
the lifeguard to follow the strategy we taught them, which was to get
free (we taught them how to do this as well) and push the victim away -
and try to get the victim to calm down before reapproaching. We
actually never got into this sort of thing, but I can see how it could
be very useful.

Hypoxic training - swimming laps under water - is about the same sort of
thing but there's much less stress.