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Default Underwater Kettlebell Drills

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On Sun, 11 Dec 2011 14:33:28 -0500, Existential Angst wrote:

Do you think dumbbells would work underwater??

Can you swim? Yes? There's your answer.


No, I don't think it's so simple.
I think a study should be commissioned, to see if dumbbells can actually be
used underwater, with the same safety and efficacy as kettlebells.

It took about 2 g-d years to get it into the thick skulls of these
fuknKettleCultHeads around here, that there is absolutely NOTHING that you
can do with a kb that can't do with a db, as well, or BETTER. Heh, and
cheaper, and more conveniently.

And ackshooly, Steve Friedes -- and 99% of the DragonDoor stooges -- STILL
don't understand the concept!!!!

BUT, variables being variables, all that could change underwater!!!!!

So, we need a study.
And proly more than one study, cuz I'm sure there is going to be some fukn
asshole out there who will find that dumbbells DO explode under water,
requiring 10 other fukn studies to refute that -- and other sillinesses.

Proly could get gummint funding for this....