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Default OT Walking Hat

On 10/07/2016 20:14, TheChief wrote:
Ok so I'm thinking that bird watchers do a bit of walking about
and might advise on the suitability of head gear!

I am in the market for a hat to replace an aging flat cap. I was
considering a hat with a decent brim all round to provide shelter
from both sun and rain. However I am concerned that it will
become a problem in strong winds, either from a point of view of
blowing away or, if tethered, from the likelihood of removing
ones head IYSWIM.

Are these things totally impractical for walking or do they lend
themselves quite well?
If they are worth considering, any links from personal recommendation?
I am not so taken with the floppy style and prefer a more rigid brim.

Answered elsewhere...

Tilley hat.

Gordon H

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