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Can anyone reccomend a pair of walking trousers that just might fit a

male ie 33 waist but 34 inch leg. Am I the only walker in th e UK that

to wear gaiters to cover the bottom of my legs?

I bought some Rohan Dry Pants from their shop in Ambleside a year or so
ago. I am a mere 29 inch leg. However, all the trousers weer at least 5
inches too long. The shop assistant told me that they make all their
trousers long, then offer a tailoring service, to cut them to length.

I guess this makes things easier for them, as they just have the one
production run to do, for a given waist size.

The other bonus of the dry pants, is that you dont need to worry about
searching for seperate waterproof trousers, though they are a bit warm to
wear in the summer months.