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Larry Weisenthal
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Default Stroke Length ... what's all the fuss?

I'd recommend you find a long course pool (50 meters) and then see how you
match might come to a different conclusion.

Eric was just illustrating a principle; but your point is certainly
valid...just as his principle is (brilliantly) valid.

I first thought that all I need do is to get out one of my old tapes of NCAA
Div I finals (swum scy) and measure/calculate corresponding stats. Then all of
us short course yards swimmers could see whether or not our SL/SR is or is not
way out of balance.

I think that your suggestion regarding taking measurements in a long course
pool is the better way to do it, though. Among other things, the break out
distance of elites is, if anything, even more impressively superior to that of
typical adult swimmers than are the SL/SR numbers. This would skew the data
more dramatically in a short course pool than in a long course pool, where the
SL/SR numbers would be more reflective of actual swimming performance.

- Larry