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I work out at the gym at my university. During the summer, it was
great-- most of the other students were away, so it was rarely, if
ever, busy. I never had to wait for any equipment. However, now that
school has started again, it is busy everytime I have gone in.

Anyway, I am trying to revise my schedule due to this (and also to
work around my current class schedule) and weekend mornings are
looking pretty good.

I alternate days of cardio and weights (full body), and what I was
thinking of doing was going on Friday to Monday and then Wednesday,
and leaving Tuesday and Thursdays as my off day.

Is there any detrimental effect to having my off days spread out a bit
like that, as opposed to taking Saturdays and Sundays off as I used to
do? Sorry if this is a fairly basic question, but I've been enjoying
some pleasing (for me) results from my previous schedule and am
worried about messing things up. I'm new to doing this stuff



- bc