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"Jason O'Rourke" wrote in message
jtaylor wrote:
Swimming for your purpose is intrinsically no better, nor any worse, than
any other form of exercise.

There is no magic in fat or weight loss - all that's required is that you
use more calories than you consume.

It is inherently inferior to running for weight loss because the hourly
caloric burn is signficantly lower.

No true. There are studies that show swimming has a higher energy cost per
unit time than running, when both are at maximal effort levels.. The rate
of is of course, all dependant of the work rate of the person doing the

The truth is that the person who wishes to burn more calories than they
consume must DECIDE to do so, and the rate at which they burn and the rate
at which they consume are totally under their own control. The methods they
choose have minimal influence.