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Lee Michaels wrote:
"mikem" wrote in message

I've been doing Chest Press Machine and Shoulder Press Machine in my
routine. I KNOW it's better to do Free-Weight Bench Press & Overhead
Press instead of these.

My question, however, is this:

Today I did a Bench Press & Overhead Press with the Smith Machine (the
one that allows you to "lock in" the bar if you are having trouble)
instead of the CP Machine & SP Machine.

QUESTION - Will I get better overall benefit by doing the Bench Press
& Overhead Press on the Smith Machine (than CP Machine & SP Machine)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Smith machine is the worst possible thing you could do.

Particularly anything that involves the shoulder joint.

Agreed, the shoulder and chest machines are probably better than the
smith machine if they were made in the last couple of decades. Also,
I've seen too many smith machines that have had the adjustable safety
stops removed and as a result go all the way down if you mess up. A
power rack is so so so much better.

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