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... by doing at least some cardio or can it be done with calorie
reduction alone? Maybe a better question to ask is what is the
absolute best way to burn fat while maintaining as much hard... and I
mean HARD... earned muscle as possible? I know, I know, this must be
the very first time this has been discussed here.

You need to do cardio to mobilize that stubborn fat.

Mobilize it?

No idea what mobilizing fat means (unless it refers to taking your
fat for a jog). But calorie reduction alone will get rid of fat, but it
will also reduce your muscle (which you can slow but not stop
by lifting while you diet). For most people (ie not into a specific
sport or body building), the best approach is a combination of
all three...lifting, cardio and intelligent dieting. If you absolutely
don't want to lose muscle while you lose fat, you're going to have
to go for a slow reduction, where your calorie deficit is just
under maintenance, so your body doesn't canabalize your


Mobilize? Metabolize? Whatever.

Turns out that there actually is a difference between restricting calories
and adding cardio--Bryan Haycock and Lyle McDonald have both written about
it. Cardio while dieting seems to trigger a hormone response that helps
fat cells give up their fat, and it also increases circulation to cells
that have poor circulation.


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