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Default Training week ending 10/9/2011

Jim Janney wrote:
"Steve Freides" writes:

How'd everyone do this week just past? My apologies for being a
little late getting this thread started.


I like to talk about how great it is to take a week off from time to
time, but I hardly ever do it. So that's what I did this week. I
didn't like it all that much :-)

I do it regularly. One of the wonders of strength training is that,
unlike endurance, you don't lose it if you back off. Indeed, once you
acquire the skill of strength, it tends to stay with you for the rest of
your life - __if__ you truly acquire the skill, and don't just train for
a mindless muscle pump with poor form and too-high reps, which is what
far too many people do these days.

My return to lifting yesterday, after quite a bit of down time, was to
take a pair of 20 kg bells and do one set of see-saw presses for 20
total reps (10 each side) and follow that with windmills using a single
20 kg bell, 4 reps each side with a focus on perfect form (one-legged GM
for the hips/hamstrings, no elbow bend and a solid grip in the up hand,
etc.). I felt thoroughly worked out and stretched; I hope to do more
lifting today.