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Originally Posted by Joe Weaks View Post
I'm looking at buying an Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike, Recumbent, or
Climber for Cardio. I'm id decent shape, less than 20 pounds over

I have chronic pain around a fused vertebrae in lower back, so want my
choice to also be the one that gives the most benefit as far as lower
back strengthening. (A rower would be too direct/painful.)

Is there a clear choice which of the above makes the right machine? I'm
thinking Elliptical.
Hi Joe, have you tried Pilates Reformer or Supreme Pilates Pro machines? These are machines that you can use to perform pilates exercises. This means exercises that you do to strengthen your co lower body part which is your torso that covers your stomach, back and hip muscles. I suggest you make a research about Pilates Exercise and find out if this will help you.