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Chris House
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Default I need to lose weight. Please Help.

Hi, first time posting here.

I just turned 20 years old, am 6'1", and roughly 215 pounds. I am
wanting to lose some weight over the remaining summer weeks and on into
the school year (starting my second year of college). I own a very nice
treadmill. What I need is some advice as to what exactly I need to do
to lose a good amount of weight at a pretty good pace. I would like to
get down to 175-185 (not just in the next few weeks of course, but
overall). In your views, what do I need to do? I have considered
running on my treadmil twice a day - once in the morning for about 2
miles, and once in the early evening for another 2 miles. That is about
as much as I can do before I get way too tired to go on. Do you think
this is enough?

And what about diet? I am a huge fast food junkie, and I find it very
hard to control cravings. If I want to lose any weight, is it even
remotely plausable to eat fast food occasionally and still do so? I was
thinking I might try to limit it to once a week. And what about soda?
I drink a ton of it. Again, could a limited amount of soda still be in
my diet while still being able to lose weight?

Doing something like this, what types of foods should eat/not eat? Are
carbs an issue? What are the top foods I should avoid?

And one more question, although this may be a different topic
altogether. What do you all do to motivate yourself to keep up the
excercise? The few times I've tried to run everyday, I find myself
losing interest within a few days. It's just so much easier to sit in
front of the TV than it is to go run. Any advice for overcoming this?

Sorry for the longwinded post. Thanks in advance for any help,