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Default Question about Squats

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Can someone please explain this -- I've read many posts
where someone says "remember, you are squatting your
own weight." If I do DB squats, with, say a 15 lb. DB on each
shoulder, and I weigh 130 lbs, how much am I really squatting?

It's difficult to say. The obvious answer: 160lb, is not quite correct,
because the dumbells travel a greater distance than the hips, which travel
a greater distance than the middle of your thighs, which travel further
than your shins (which shouldn't really move much at all). A quick
back-of-the-envelope gives me about 1/2 bodyweight (so 110lb) when you
look at the work done per rep.

I do DB squats but I keep the weights at my sides.I can't get the DBs to my
shoulders now that I've increased the weight. I use hooks because my grip
fails by the end of the last set. If I weigh 175 but squat with 85 lb
dumbbells what do you figure I'm squatting?

Doesn't make a difference whether you hold them on your shoulders or at your

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