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Peewiglet wrote:
On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 23:01:51 GMT, "Sandy Birrell"

Knowing how much you like to shop, these might help

Kewl, thanks!

Best wishes,
/ \ / \

ok I'm drunk now, after the office christmas dinner but...

1. Ignore Ralph Storer! Before I became a munro-bagger I followed his
routes and climbed the middle 2 peaks of the South Shiel Ridge. Middle
two? What use was that!! Any decent guide would have told you to get
off your bum and do the whole ridge, 7 munros and all. Which I did
several years later, feeling aggrieved that I was having to repeat a
couple because of Ralph Storer.

2. I hate the use of the word 'kewl'! Please bring back flogging for
all who should know better...

3. Finally, more to the point, I just try and pronounce the Scottish
hills in English. So when I've taken a pic on my digital I press the
record button and say 'This is me at the top of 'Sgoor Fuooar Fuill'
(Sgurr Fhuar-thuill). Totally mispronounced, of course, but what the
hell, eh. As long as it means something to you.