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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

On 2008-03-05, Andrzej Rosa wrote:

You mean that you've shown, that training weights first and then doing a
jog is much more specific? When it happened?

No, neither of them are specific to a sprint-finish.

Ok, but you need to have some grounds for arguing that weights after a ride does
more to improve performance than a reasonable control condition (for example, weights
at any other time of the day).

I didn't claim anything like it in the first place.

You said that weights after a ride is "like" a sprint finish at the end of the race. I
guess it's not clear what you meant by "like", because they are not at all similar. I
think you made that point half in-jest, and probably shouldn't have stuck to it.

Honestly, I doubt it. Squats are scary, riding a pushbike at the top
of your current ability isn't, for whatever reason. Excluding riding
downhill in the mountains, of course. ;-)

Interval workouts are pretty scary ...

But how you stand up to your peers is a better measure of your readiness for the
next race. When you race, you race against people, not the clock.

Still, my argument stands.

What is your argument ? That an objective standard is more objective ? That maybe so,
but it isn't necessarily better prep for racing.

You mean, that people who train with weights before endurance session
would show measurably better performance in endurance sports then those
who train with weights after a jog?

Equal or better.

But my point is that the usual argument for doing endurance first e.g.
"do the more important activity first", because you get "more stimulus",
doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

Neither does this unusual (never heard it elsewhere) claim that doing weights after
a low intensity endurance workout simulates a sprint finish at the end of a moderate
to high intensity race.