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Default Race Report: Dallas White Rock (Half) Marathon, Dallas, Texas, USA

The mile 7 marker was AWOL -- I
thought I might just have missed it, but later I compared notes with a buddy
and he hadn't seen it either, so it probably wasn't there.

I didn't see it either.

ISTR that some of the later half-mara

markers were absent as well.

The only other one I didn't see was for mile ten.

We crossed some rough street where they were doing some construction

I actually liked this - it was a little uneven but very soft to run on.
Not sink-down-into soft, just comfortably forgiving.

Apples, bananas, oranges, bagels, cookies, sweet rolls, pasta salad, tomato

basil soup, beef chili (no thanks) and plenty of water.

I started down the stairs towards the food but those arena seats were too
inviting so I had to sit for a while. While I was sitting there I was trying
to scope out what the food was and didn't see anything worth negotiating the
rest of the stairs, so I blew it off. Had I known about the soup, salad, and
chili, I'd have climbed the rest of the way down.

Good race and report.