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What gets my goat is the ignornat inventions of new English names for
place names in countries that use a different alphabet as if it is
our own.

Ancient ignorance. Like Jehova for God, which comes from the latin
writing of the hebrew Yahweh (=Jhvh in latin). Place names follow
the same pattern.

Fortunately we got the Russian ones right, Moscow instead of Mockba,
but why do folk **** on Welsh names in that manner.

Ignorance? But then again, why not put an s on the end of a Welsh
mountain to make it plural?

Anglicisations are not bad, but they should be like they used to be,
based on the sound of the original, not the spelling.(see Irish hill
names, or Cairngorm. ( I use Cairngorm for the Glen More one and Carn
Gorm for the other 4, but thats just my habit)

eg.. Carneths iso Carneds

Also places like Wales and parts of England, Transylvania etc that
have different languages often use totally different names for places
in their respective languages. Llanandras - Presteigne , Llwydlo -
Ludlow , Brasso - Brasov - Kronstadt etc. The spelling of Paris in
English is probably a coincidence, its a different word.

The Welsh do it with English names too. Bwcle for Buckley. Wrecsam
for Wrexham etc. I know these places are in Wales but the names are
English ones.

Porthmadog is a more extreme example.

A lot of peaks in the Mamores have English names...These are used by
locals in Kinlochleven. They are often translations of the Gaelic ,
they are genuine English names. Not clumsy puns and no need to try and
work out what version of Na Gruagaichean to use...

A bit like The Cobbler then.