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Yes, I was thinking how a Yorkshireman would tell someone he was
going to Paris. Eh up love, Ah'm just of t' Pareee fer't weekend!

Only common English versions exist for very few Highland Hills....
(Cairngorm , Ben Nevis etc)

So Cairngorm (Engligh pronounciation) is OK but anything elseGorm
should be said with a Scots dialect?

Going back to the French analogy, even cities which don't have
English equivalents (and I think only Paris and Dunkirk do) will be
pronounced differently in a French accent. We say Mont-Pell-Ear but
they say Mon-Pur-Li'ay (and we both write Montpellier) and we still
understand each other!

Actually, I'd say Mon-Pur-Li'ay too - but them I'm from Edinburgh and
grew up near Montpellier Park and we always pronounced it the French
way. Must be all that Franco-Scottish crossover stuff. Like Petty
France (actually Petit France) where the new Infirmary is.

Good for you.

I'd separately heard that the Edinburgh version of the French city
(spelled with just one L for some odd reason) was pronounced
Mont-Peel-Eeya. Again from a local. Perhaps he lived on the other
side of the road from you, as it were ;-)

My favourite Edinburgh-French crossover is Burdiehouse, which
comes from Bordeaux House. Quite why that had to change I don't
know. Especially as Picardy Place survived in its original spelling.