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Default Tricks for keeping water out of fairly new goggles?

I have a fairly expensive pair of Barracuda goggles. I only swim once or twice a week and not for long periods. The goggles kept water out initially. After 3-4 swims, however, I was not able to keep water out of the right side. Now, after probably thirty times, I can't keep water out of the left either. The goggles lok perfectly fine to me. They are the type that is fairly small and fit just around the eye lids. I can create what seems like suction, and I see no problems with them. I used to swim a mile three days a week and never had this problem with other goggles. Any tips or tricks? I don't want to pay $40.00 for another pair when the current pair looks fine. The rubber isn't cracking, the lenses don't seem damaged. I can't figure it out.