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On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:24:24 GMT, David wrote:

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On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:03:02 GMT, "David"

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"David" wrote:

Your comments about back machines are valid. My company actually
the Bioflex unit and we began manufacturing it in Australia 12


Hooboy! There's the hook. So, in reality, you're a spammer,


No in reality this would never have come up were it not for someone's
particular inquiry and wishing to have one - I never mentioned it last
we had this 'debate' - I had plenty of opportunities to promote this

if I
had wanted to - the website I gave is not even my own. - so that

totally wrong and unfair - every post that Will makes promotes his

First you blast Brink for criticizing physicians, only to later

your prejudice: you son is a physician.

Now you blast inversion tables, without any scientific evidence to
back up your claims that they are "crap and are not effective," as
well as your claims that they are "dangerous and counter productive"
at full inversion. Only at the end of this thread do you reveal

YOUR COMPANY produces the alternative 90/90 unit that you favor.

I feel really bad - I will have to go out and shoot myself. I gave you
reasons for my statements - backed them up with logic. the logic is
irrefutable as I noticed that you have not attempted to argue the

Not much more I can do. If you're not happy with that then **** the


You see what I mean David?

I think he just likes to do battle - whatever issue, right or wrong -

Problem is that he is a pompous old ******* that thinks he is always
right - which he's not!!

It is his training as a lawyer - you need to be combative. In this case it
is amusing that he defends the old ideas. It is like the old codger who
swears by his manual treadmill that he has had for 40 years - won;t hear of
these fancy new ideas about motorized treadmills.

A good lawyer knows when to leave it at the office.