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RJ Webb
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Having been born and raised in South East England, moved to the Midlands
for University, shared flats with Northerners and then moved to Scotland
my own set of favoured pronunciations is quite a mixed bag! Add that to
an unusual accent (one of those cases where the first time you hear a
recording of yourself you've no idea who it is, and it sounds totally
different inside) and it's fairly atypical for people to place where I
come from just from my speech.

I am a bit similar... Scots / Herefordshire vocab in a strange
westcountryish accent. (resident in Somerset during childhood) Been
accused of coming from Portsmouth, which is the biggest British city
that I have never visited. Kids find it very confusing and its the
first question I get asked....

Usually accused of being a farmer (well close) but I judging by the
chatter at the back, I have now been outed as a pirate...

Richard Webb