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John Forrest Tomlinson
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On Fri, 7 Jan 2005 12:51:50 +0100, "Konrad Hund"


I am thinking of purchasing a Kettler Ergo Racer because it is 1 degree
above outside and the snow won't quit.

I know nothing can substitute for riding a real bike. But that isn't
possible on a regular basis for 3 months out of the year here.

Does anyone have experience with one of these bikes? What do you
think? Thanks in advance.

I have one.
I use it for winter training.
You'll need the additional software for programmng your own intervals with
individual duration and force input when connecting it to your PC.
You'll sweat like crazy so you'll need a plastic carpet.

Unless you are training specifically to deal with hot conditions,
having sweat drip like crazy off you is a bad idea. Rather than
putting plastic on the floor get a powerful fan blowing on you and/or
use some other method to cool off -- such as being near an open window
or in an unheated room in winter.

Having a lot of sweat pouring off you when cycling on a trainer is a
sign that you're using energy to deal with overheating. If you were a
little cooler, you could produce more power and get a better workout.


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