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Default My chest is not growing

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At all. I'm starting to get frustrated and de-motivated. This sucks.

Routine (all one set of warmups, one set of 75% max weight, and two sets

90% max weight):

- 45 degree incline dumbell fly's
- 30 degree incline barbell bench
- Whatever its called when I stand erect with a spread overhand grip on a
barbell hanging at my hips and raise it straight up to my chin

Upright Row - A deltoid exercise (not chest)
- Bent over barbell rows

A back exercise

- Stand erect with dumbells, raise straight out to sides, lower, raise
straight out in front of me, lower, repeat

Front Raise - A deltoid exercise
Lateral Raise - A deltoid exercise

- Lay on stomach on bench with dumbells and raise straight out to sides

Lying Rear Lateral Raise - A deltoid exercise

- Barbell military press in front of shoulders

A deltoid exercise

- Squats
- DLs

Run (sometimes), rest, and miss doing squats and DLs.

I'm eating like a mad SOB and gaining quite a gut. Protein is 1.2-1.5x
BW/day. I've changed up my routine twice. Two things I can say for sure

that I'm not drinking enough water and I'm not getting enough rest. How

of an effect can this have? I am growing in strength but not size. I

want to be hyooge but I would like to see some visual progress for my


So, your chest exercises boil down to:
45 degree incline dumbbell fly's
30 degree incline barbell bench

But yet your delt exercises a
Upright Row
Front Raise
Lateral Raise
Lying Rear Lateral Raise
Barbell military press

Your delts must be HOOYGE DUDE!!!