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Googled Reg Park to get that URL after hearing some sad news on the
radio program Pro Bodybuilding Weekly hosted by Chic et al.

This copy and paste from the URL at top:

We sadly inform all the thousands of family, friends and fans around
the globe that Reg Park, The Legend, has been diagnosed with
metastatic melanoma and we are told it is untreatable.

Even during this extremely trying time, in a way typical of Reg, he is
concerned for each and every one of you, and he is optimistic.

He is now so glad and feels blessed to have his immediate family
around him, and with all of us he is positive. We knew that he was an
icon but only now have realized the immense love and influence he has
had on thousands of lives. The support through phone calls, emails,
visits and postings has been overwhelming.

Reg is currently undergoing radiation treatment and is exploring all
other avenues possible.

The gym where Reg has been training himself, the other trainers,
patrons and his clients over the last 15 years have sent messages and
enquiries about his well being. His popularity has transcended people
of all races and creeds - a tribute to Reg, known as The Legend.

He has walked the talk and lived life to the fullest, his way, and for
that he will always be remembered as a true Legend.

In a tribute to Reg, his son Jon Jon, now based in LA, will be calling
his new gym the Legacy Gym, to continue the legacy of transforming
lives positively and continuing The Legend. His daughter Jeunesse will
be forming the Reg Park Legacy Foundation to assist the many who
cannot afford to have access to physical training to improve their
quality of life.

Reg is a man who never compromised his principles or beliefs. It takes
some thinking to realize what he achieved. Can you imagine any other
world champion in any other field regardless of who they may be, and
without disrespect to any, winning a world title three times over 14
years and then coming back five years later after his final victory
and competing on an unleveled playing field, with those 21 years his
junior, and still placing respectably in the top 3.

Reg is known to his family and to all others who know him as a REAL
He recognizes that we create our own reality and set our own life
paths, he is a deeply spiritual man who loves life and especially
rejoices in nature, a giving man who has helped so many.

Whatever you believe, power of prayer or positive thought, give a
moment to the great Reg Park, our father, grandfather and Mareon's
loving husband. Now each day will be another day we have to be with
Reg and keep him as comfortable in his family as we can
while he battles against this terrible affliction.

Even though Reg and the family may not respond to everyone's attempts
at contact, this does not mean we do not appreciate and recognize your
love and support. Not only does it mean the world to Reg but also to
us, his family.

We apologize for being somber while informing you of this. We know
that Reg has been positive throughout his life in everything he has
done and continues to do and always wants the same for all his family,
friends, clients and fans. Thus we leave you with the message that Reg
has always impressed upon us- live every moment to its fullest and
cherish every breath of life.

The Park family /