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Default Treadmill advice needed

"Elflord" wrote in message
On 2008-07-09, BradC wrote:

Yours is the egocentric police view.

How is it a "police" view, and what is "egocentric" about it ?

People are free to chime in and suggest better questions and

Yes, they certainly are, and I never suggested otherwise.

But when they always "chime in" with the same question, they are open to
criticism that they are more about pushing their agenda than they are
helping the OP.

the OP is free to filter them out. I for one
have been happy a couple of times to find out I was asking the wrong
question. Get used to the Internet and the free flow of information.

My criticism of Steve's approach is part of this "internet" and "free flow
of information" that you speak of. If you wish to be a champion of this
"free slow of information", it is important that you are able to
between criticism and censorship / enforcement.

All of which wouldn't be so bad if the products of said egocentricity were
To endure egocentricity AND incorrectness is the real ass-kicking....