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I work out at the gym at my university. During the summer, it was
great-- most of the other students were away, so it was rarely, if
ever, busy. I never had to wait for any equipment. However, now
that school has started again, it is busy everytime I have gone in.

Anyway, I am trying to revise my schedule due to this (and also to
work around my current class schedule) and weekend mornings are
looking pretty good.

I alternate days of cardio and weights (full body), and what I was
thinking of doing was going on Friday to Monday and then Wednesday,
and leaving Tuesday and Thursdays as my off day.

Is there any detrimental effect to having my off days spread out a
bit like that, as opposed to taking Saturdays and Sundays off as I
used to do? Sorry if this is a fairly basic question, but I've been
enjoying some pleasing (for me) results from my previous schedule
and am worried about messing things up. I'm new to doing this stuff




You know, ya got me. I had a jillion ASSumptions built into that
reply and fired it off.

I should probably have said 'it depends' - $ to Lyle. Without knowing
goals and training volumes, my answer is premature.

I can think of some scenarios where it won't make much difference:
- Since the OP is alternating days of cardio and weights, one might
assume that he is not training for maximum muscle gains, meaning he
could manage with a shorter recovery period.
- If the OP's cardio is an activity that is not too taxing on the
larger muscle groups, then he may not be overstressing those muscles.
For example, if he is a squatter, but his cardio is swimming, those
quads and glutes will get more recovery than if his cardio is HIIT on
a brutally hard stairmaster.
- If the OP's goals are mostly fat loss related, then it probably
won't matter, because, well sort of my first example above.
- I think for Joe average just trying to get/stay in shape, it's no

However, if the OP is going for max muscle gain, perhaps the two
concurrent days off, expecially if he has a heavy squat/deadlift day
on the first day back, would be beneficial - so that he can get the
most out of those workouts. But then, he might want to look at the
cardio volume to see if he should reduce it a bit. He didn't really
say how much he's doing.

- bc