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Default Waterproof Android tablet or phone?

On 05/04/2016 18:36, wrote:
Has anyone found a waterproof Android tablet or phone with a decent gps
and reasonable battery life?

Your call as to what constitutes "reasonable battery life", but there
are various recharge-batteries about you can take for a boost.

Some of the Sonys are properly waterproof with plugs for the, err,
plugs, but I read relatively fiddly and not cheap.

The 3rd generation Moto-G is allegedly reasonably waterproof, see

Is the GPS decent? I've used the GPS on my 1st Gen Moto-G to locate
geochaches more easily than with an original Garmin eTrex, so good
enough for most purposes, and I imagine it's not got any worse two
versions later.

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