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Default No Caffeine Before Exercising! HUH??

Jack wrote:
On 29 Oct 2006 16:33:13 -0800, wrote:

Jack wrote:
On 29 Oct 2006 08:30:46 -0800,

Jack wrote:
According to Nov 2006 "Consumers Reports On Health," a study found
that when healthy people exercised after ingesting 200 mg of
caffeine--about two coffee cups' worth-- blood flow to their hearts
decreased by 22% (39% when breathing oxygen-deprived air that
simulated high altitude or the degenerative effects of heart disease).
The study's lead researcher said that people with heart disease who
consume 200 mg of more probably should not exercise for at least five
hours, the time it takes for about half the caffeine to leave the

WTF?? What about people without signs of CV disease??

Hell, I purposely use caffeine as a boost to begin exercise, not from
coffee, but from three diet Dr. Peppers, a total of about 125 mg.

I believe what they are trying to get across, is that if your blood
flow decreases by 22%, or more, you will be getting a "lower"
cardiovascular workout.

Without reading the report, I would want to know if they had sugar in
the coffee?

They used caffeine tablets, 200 mg., and then sent to exercise.

Also different people have different physiology, so you might have very
little (or no) CV lessening.
A relatively sure way to tell, is do one exercise set on three
different days, use caffine before hand, and take your blood pressure
and pulse. Average them together, then do the same without caffine ,
and compare the results.

In the 50s, many in the medical community believed that caffeine was a
risk factor in CHD. In recent years, this belief has been considered
a myth, but then along comes this study.

Did they consider it a risk factor for the cause of CHD, or a risk
factor for an event in CHD?

This study shows it is likely to be a risk factor for an event. So it
might not be a risk factor for a cause of CHD.

Doctor to my father, circa 1957: "You keep drinking those 21 cups of
coffee a day, you'll have a heart attack before you're 40!!!"

Well if he were drinking 21 cups a day I think the lack of sleep would
have killed him long before a heart attack would.....