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Default Bulls in fields

In article , Malcolm

In article , Hywel & Ros

entirely usual for a farmer with more than one bull to keep them all
together in the same field (not surprisingly often called the bull park
in this part of the world) outside the time when they are actually in
use. I could show you a dozen examples within a few miles of where I
live with anything from two to half a dozen bulls living happily

Admitedly I'm more-or-less a city-boy but I've never seen more than one bull
kept together - other than dairy bulls chained up, four to a roundabout. But
then I've never seen a farm which actually raises bulls rather than keeping
one or two earning their living.

Yet you were setting yourself up as an expert by offering advice and
even concerned you might be seen to be patronising!

Would they be youngish ones before they're
sold off to be put to work, rather than proper grown-up ones - ring in the
nose and all ?

No, these are bulls kept on beef-rearing farms. Proper grown-up ones,
but rarely with rings in their noses.

At present if they are destined for the table they have to be
slaughtered by 30 months. I suspect they are somewhat adolescent at
that age.

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