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Olympics--Are all "performance enhancing drugs" harmful?

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Old August 26th 08, 06:19 AM posted to rec.sport.olympics,rec.sport.swimming,rec.sport.triathlon,alt.politics.usa.misc,alt.politics.media
Duncan Heenan
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Default Olympics--Are all "performance enhancing drugs" harmful?

Duncan Heenan
"MW Smith" wrote in message
On Aug 25, 11:38 am, "Duncan Heenan"

Eugentics is the deliberate selective breeding of creatures to obtain
desired characteristics. There is no proof of deliberate selective
in the Olympics.

...which was obviously not the point.

So why did you imply - no actually say, that the Olympics is dominated by

If you allow drugs, it becomes a pharamsicts' competition, and the winner
the one who can tolerate the drugs best - before they die of it.

No, it doesn't.

Life is not a level playing field, so why should sport be?

Because sporting competition is meant to be fair.

And allowing unlimited use of drugs is 'fair'? What planet do you live on

Old May 21st 11, 05:13 AM
williamthatcher williamthatcher is offline
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Originally Posted by Tim Howard View Post
This has been on my mind for a long time.

I feel that the drugs-in-sports issue has become a slippery slope.
First people trying to shape a "debate" have an easy target to get
people to agree with their point of view. Then they start adding other
things once their belief is accepted and it ends up going way to far.
In the case of sports, first it was anabolic steroids. Okay, we know
the bad side effects of steroids, fine. But over the years the athletic
drug ban had morphed into "performance enhancing drugs" and now into
"banned substances". With a term that vague, is anything off limits as
far as punishing athletics.

I focus on the Olympics in this post since they are about to commence,
we have heard several scandals recently, and because they seem to have
the most comprehensive (or is that extreme) policy on so-called banned
substances. I am no expert on all that constitutes the list of this
substances, and certainly do not know of all their side effects, but I
think the IOC and sports organizations like them have gotten far far
away from the original intent when they started banning steroids. What
I wonder when I hear of an athlete being punished is "is this
performance enhancing drug he/she was taking actually harmful to the
body"? If it is not harmful, and just gives the athlete some type of
advantage, should it always be banned and the athlete crucified they way
they are being treated now? Some players complain of an "unfair
advantage". Well if someone chooses not to take something unharmful
that would improve their performance, why should everyone else be forced
to do that? It kind of reminds me of that old sci-fi short story about
the society where everyone was forced to be ugly and weighted down so
the few ugly people would not feel bad about themselves. No one was
allowed to do anything to demonstrate their own greatness anymore.

Ban harmful things like steroids yes, but can the IOC show that every
single "banned substance" is harmful, and if not, then what is the
underlying motivation? Technology advances in health, medicine,
nutrition etc. just like it does in any other field. They allow
advancements in the speed and power of the machines, equipment, and
outfits. Why not in supplements, as long as they are not dangerous?
The reason why they do this is because it will defeat the purpose of the event/sport. The olympics and all the sports symbolize man's struggle and his power to overcome it with their own will and strength. It won't be their own if you add supplements to it right? I see your point and I have nothing against it. I'm just speaking my mind.

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