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KKK meeting postponed.

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Old December 11th 07, 08:24 PM posted to rec.running
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Default KKK meeting postponed.

Justa note: the KKK meeting at my house is temperarily postponed for
a few hours until I get home from the ER. It seems I took some bad
advice and inserted a guinea pig in my ass, instead of a gerbil, and
he's impacted. It only took them 5 minutes to get that 200 watt
spotlight out of my ass, so this shouldn't take long. Meet in the
backyard, barbecue a few darkies for me (blood sausages) and I'll be
there ASAP.

Alric Knebel
284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct
Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131
================================================== =======
Mississippi Criminal Sex Offender Information
This Address First Reported on: 3/5/2000
Offender Last Verified This Address on: 6/5/2006

Name: Alric Knebel No photo available.
Race: White
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 2/5/1940
Height: 5 ft 2 inches
Weight: 347 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bald
Address: 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct
Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131 or (228) 392-9967
(please call him, preferably late at night)
Aliases: Ali Knibbles, Ali Knibbler, Alldick Knibbler, Ass licker,
Ass lover, luvs butts, lemme rimjob you, rimmer, goodhed, Aldick
licker, Allday Knibbler.
NOTE: Offender failed to verify address as required by law and is non
compliant in paying his NAMBLA dues!
If you know the whereabouts of this offender please notify your local
NAMBLA office.

Crime Location State Conviction Date Description of Crime
16/Any other offense committed in another state for which registration
is required in that state- 49 COUNTS
Oklahoma City OK 11/4/19296 FORCIBLE ORAL SODOMY/Any other offense
committed in another state for which registration is required in that
state 34 COUNTS

Alric Knebel
Buttluvin' Ali; butt lover, ass muncher, butt burglar, fag boi, the
runs, diarrehea breath, fanny freek, Klingon Creepers; panty peepers;
Volkswagon Ali; Schoolyard Ali; Truckstop Poppy; Fanny Four Eyes;
Little Eyes; Mugly; Pugly; Bagpipe Bunny; Ali Bunny; Ali Buns; Ali
Rubin; Ali the Kids; **** Face; Friendly Fanny; Ali Holiday, Ali
Dilly, Sheep ****er, blowup-doll raper, and talented tongue.
About 7 in some chatrooms; on MySpace, a 13 to 14 yo boy. 68 in real
All-ass brown
Cum stained blue
The Story of the Incurable homosexual sex Offender
Currently out of jail after a 5 year stint for grabbing a 12yo boys
balls in a rest room, and on probation and spending hours a day on
Usenet downloading kiddie porn, stalking young boys, and insulting the
other contributors and subscribers, Alric Knebel has been known to
Missisipi authorities for years. Most of his offenses have been of an
overtly sexual nature; others range from proximity crimes, such as
stalking, peeping, licking young boys buttocks, and verbal assault,
mostly against little, defenseless boys, toward whom he can barely
contain his hatred and envy for their huge penis' since Knebel had his
bitten off by his mother. According to one of the therapists
acquainted with him from one of his court-ordered observational
sessions, his disdain for women and his attraction to pre-pubescent
boys, and sexual depravity have created a schism in his personality, a
roiling conflict which renders him unable to develope beyond a callow,
graphitti-based understanding of human sexuality. In his terminally
stunted development, he still thinks "mooning" conveys comical
hostility, and masturbates to assholes, and that using butt for but
and cum for come in his correspondences are examples of hilarity.
Such is his level of development.
Ali "Truckstop Pappy" Knebel often brags to other drunks that he's on
a first-name basis with, and has the cellphone number of, Chris
Hanson, producer of and star journalist on MSNBC's exploitative To
Catch a Predator. While he has in fact met Hanson on eight
occassions, Hanson was always emerging from a back room of the house
into the kitchen, his microphone and camera crew trailing behind him,
catching Ali in some instances literally with his pants down and his
mouth on a young boys genitals, and other times wearing nothing at
all, and on one occaision adorned with whipcream. One time, Ali
showed up wearing a skirt. When confronted by Hanson, Ali claimed it
was a nazi skirt, that he was celebrating his Nazi beliefs. He was
celebrating all right, it was Hitlers birthday. The chatroom
transcript that led up to this encounter revealed that he'd been
flirting with the online decoy by claiming to be a 25-year-old gay
Catholic-school graduate looking to have sex with a 14-year-old boy
eager to lose his virginity. When Hanson entered the kitchen doorway
with his camera crew, the glare of the spotlight on Alis trademark
undersized penis - for which he'd been nicknamed in his teens
"Volkswagon Ali"; or just "Volkswagon" - gave him the look of an owl,
while obviously lacking that bird's proverbial wisdom: that episode
was his fifth conviction. Despite the financial consequences of his
arrests, he construes these incidents as milestones in his "career."
In one sting operation, he approached the vice officer with the claim,
"I'm famous. You want to have sex with someone famous?" In the
predawn hours, as Ali was bonded out, the same officer held out the
release form and sardonically chided, "Before you can leave, Ali, can
I get your autograph on this?" And Ali immediately dropped a turd on
the floor.
ALI began his career in earnest around the age of four. Because he
was a juvenile, the record of his earliest offenses have been sealed.
A simple neighborhood query reveals that one incident involved
punching a girl in the face for her refusing to relinquish her
panties. She was six years old. His hatred of females goes back
that far. He denigrates them at every oppurtunity. After coaxing
some unsuspecting victim into letting him take semi-nude and nude
pictures of him, he posted proof of his conquest on Photobucket.
His first non-televised conviction was at Boston's South Central.
Attracted to what's referred to by the sexually frustrated
participants as "massage rooms," Ali sat in a toilet stall and tapped
the shoe of the man seated in the next stall. This was Ali's first
encounter with a vice cop, Ali blew him. Another time, after stating
outloud, "I ain't pussy-footin' around," he gripped the bottom edge of
the partition with both hands and slid under it to invade the other
side. The 4yo boy, startled by this sudden unwarranted intrusion, in
one motion stood up and hoisted his pants, then pooped on Ali's dumb
face, Ali liked it so much he had a new perversion. Ali was
bewildered when the patron ran into the lobby and called the police.
So depraved, Ali is unable to comprehend that not everyone is into
that sort of thing. Ali then had sex with a congressman in a bathroom
stall, and caused a national scandal.
With each conviction came further restrictions with whom he could
mingle, and soon sexual contacts were harder for Ali to accomplish.
But not impossible. As his team of shrinks will attest too, addicts
can be
extremely inventive at times. Though he fails more often than he
succeeds - leading to expensive court proceedings, and eventuating in
his divorce - Ali does manage to get the "hook up" now and again. As
he did with the little boy in the photos on Photobucket, he's sure to
document it one way or another, similar to a serial killer who keeps
trophies. Like panties, and BVD's, poop that he saves in jars and
abuses himself with, and jockstraps.
More recent incidents include sniffing toilet seats at public
restrooms, masturbating in a schoolyard full of children, throwing
feces at passerbys near his rooming house, beastiality with a blow up
sheep, and abuse of an electric buttplug (don't ask).
Thanks to his low intelligence he immediately
appears as a blip on the calibrated radars, and he's further
constrained into being a "peeper." But to categorize him under the
rubric of child molestor is to too narrowly define his pathology. Oh,
no. It's much deeper than that.
Anyway, this page is designed to be a public service, to warn others
of this man's illness and obsession.
WARNING" Alric Knebel is considered unbathed and dangerous, with aids,
syphillis, gonorhea, chlamydia, herpes, shingles, acne, crabs, ticks,
hepatitis 1,2,3, HPV, ebola, and bad breath, if he even
spits on you you'll die. Call Da Kine bail bonds and tell Dog his
whereabouts. Reward of $10,000 for info leading to his arrest.

Posted via a free Usenet account from http://www.teranews.com


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